Sally Ward

Intuition leads me rather than conscious reasoning, which comes later. So I experiment and explore media, material and found objects until they create resonance within me. It may be playful or fantastic, as with my recent ‘princess’, which I believe had its origins in my earliest memories when I used to continually draw and imagine stories about princesses. However children grow up and as a teenager I suffered from occasional night terrors. The format was always the same, a black shadow creeping across the ceiling and I would wake up screaming before it could engulf me. I have recently read that other people who, like me, had the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck at birth, have had similar night experiences. With time to reflect, I have come to recognise various sources within the forms; I am fascinated with the way different societies deal with death, especially regarding the bones. Two places that have had a great impact on me are the Catacombs in Paris and the ossuary in St Leonard’s Church in Hythe, where certain bones are arranged in specific patterns. So the title of my piece changed from All of Us (as it had been made from recycled Yellow Pages) to Arrangement where I wanted the viewer to interact with the work and rearrange the fragments as they wish. My art finds a meaning within me but I hope it also reaches out to others in a wider sense.