Plastic Propaganda presents: “Both Ends of Madness”

Both Ends of Madness - Folkestone

From Monday 4 July to Friday 22 July, Plastic Propaganda will be presenting their latest art exhibition at the Sassoon Gallery, Folkestone Library, Folkestone Kent.

Throughout the History of Art, madness and an associated range of pathologies, creative and otherwise, have informed and often accompanied the execution of artistic practice. Since antiquity, thinkers have associated creativity with psychopathology—the classic idea of the “mad genius” with stereotypes taken from both mass culture and fine art traditions.  Examples include, for example, the manic pursuit and creation of the perfect artefact or object to the recognition of creative practice per se as a displacement from trauma, addiction and illness or indeed as a therapeutic and reflexive response to such.

The exhibition will include work by a range of contemporary artists including Richard Brooks, John Butterworth, Emily Jane Campbell, Anjula Crocker, Deborah Crofts , Dom Elsner, Jez Giddings, Lucy Gresley, William Henry, Mark Howland, Sarah Needham, Angus Pryor,Clare Smith , Kamilla Sztyber ,Sally Ward and Heidi Yssennagger.

In addition to the main exhibition, from 6pm until 8pm on Tuesday 19th July there will be a public symposium which will explore and discuss some of the issues and themes suggested by the exhibition, including the iconography and content of specific works on display. There will be an open Q&A session with involvement warmly invited from the audience and members of the general public. The symposium panel contributors will include, Angus Pryor, Dr Grant Pooke, and  John Butterworth.

For more information, please visit or email 07775 916737