Nautical Perspectives

Devon House, St Katharine Docks, London

1 – 15 May 2016

In partnership with Plastic Propaganda, the exhibition seeks to explore the long history of artistic inspiration drawn from the sea, providing contemporary themes that stimulate artists and the wider community today.

The artists exhibiting in Nautical Perspectives have captured numerous maritime themes emphasising the strong nautical influence on our lives – whether through travel, food, danger or protection – as an island nation we have intrinsic links to the sea.

The sea inspires and energises us all – so come and see the artists’ beautiful renditions in this thriving waterside community.

Artists featured include Jez Giddings, who combines photographs and paint to create artwork exploring personal experiences of swimming and diving in the Ionian and Aegean seas; Lizzie Cannon, who works with objects washed up by the River Thames to explore the transitory state of objects; and Poppy Clover, whose standout piece You Might Need Me explores the history of the harbour town of Porthleven in Cornwall and a shipwreck that took place there.