Emma Moody-Smith

Emma Moody-Smith’s practice explores the process of making. Following in the tradition of ‘post-studio’ art of the 1960s, her work is not an end in itself but an investigation of artistic and everyday actions. She is interested in the role of the artist in society and performs actions using traditional materials such as paper, a needle and pigment, transcending their conventional applications to create augmented effects through scale and repetition. This mental de-cluttering provides space for reflection and encourages intuitive marks to be made and patterns to emerge. Moody-Smith asks why do we make things, keep things, covet things? Exploring the tension between process and object, the physical and visual transformation of materials is a process through which Moody-Smith makes her study of “time, place and self”.

Email: mail@emmamoodysmith.com

Photos: Shannon Tofts

Emma Moody Smith