Both Ends of Madness

APT Gallery, Deptford, London

This exhibition is looking at the effects of Wellbeing on contemporary visual arts practice. Throughout the History of Art, madness has been a recurring subject matter.

This exhibition intends to explore both ends of madness, whether it is the artist who makes work that is indeed a struggle to achieve because the search for the impossible artefact is being explored, or it is about how art can be used as a therapy and explanation of why circumstances have happened, for example, how a nervous breakdown or an addiction can lead to a fulfilling art work.

Through this exhibition and symposium, Plastic Propaganda wants to explore this legacy and the therapeutic benefits of art making.

We have many artists (including Anjula Crocker, William Henry, Mike Walker, Jez Giddings, Mark Howland, Stuart Bissett, Heidi Yssennagger, John Butterworth, Mandakini Devi) who all deal with these issues on a daily basis and use this subject matter to communicate a potent message that, with viewer interaction, will help demystify the stigma and create individual works of quality and an intriguing exhibition and debate.