Anjula Crocker

My work deals with the themes of alcoholism, addiction and obsession from the perspective of a middle class, middle aged woman in sobriety – which is what I am.

The paintings and digital images are always connected to the central obsessions surrounding alcohol abuse and class. My methodology reflects the superficial respectability expected of a woman of my background. My references come from the established framework of traditional women’s craft and the repetitive, therapeutic nature of stitch-work is an integral part of my process.

The decorative nature of the work serves to appeal to those not necessarily accustomed to a fine art context, I use a visual language that belies the horrors beneath the surface. Responses to my work from addicts and therapists feed my practice more than conventional critical hierarchy. My concerns as a social artist are with illumination and transparency, pulling back the net curtains and exposing middle class prejudices to alcoholism.