Welcome to Plastic Propaganda

What is Plastic Propaganda?

Plastic Propaganda is the plastic and theoretical process of making and authoring, regardless of medium.

It is the umbrella term which we have given to the re-exploration of Modernism within contemporary Fine Art practice and ideas relating to the Post-Conceptual.

We are seeking to initiate new platforms for making, writing and exhibiting contemporary practice.

We wish to develop a supportive and distinctive ethos which will contribute towards inclusive approaches to Fine Art education and towards trends within research as practice.

Exhibiting at: The Baltic Exchange, April & May 2015

John Butterworth - 'A Year in A Life' (50 Paintings) 300x200 cms approx Acrylic on Canvas
John Butterworth - 'FLOTSAM' 122x120 Oil on Canvas
John Butterworth - 'High Tides' 120x120 cms Oil on Canvas

Exhibitions in 2015